Friday, March 18, 2011

Provo Craft Lawsuit against SCAL

When checking in on my favorite blog SVGCuts, I learned that ProvoCraft (makers of the Cricut) has filed a lawsuit against CraftEdge (makers of Sure Cuts a Lot software).  If you love SCAL and want to learn more check out the article on SVGCuts and an article from Scrapbook Update here. I was enraged and wrote ProvoCraft the following email:

"I have just read that you're suing CraftEdge.  If it was not for Sure Cuts A Lot software I would NEVER have purchased my Cricut Expression in the first place... and I am not alone. Imagine how many fewer machines you would have sold if it was not for SCAL. And the sales of mats, cartridges, tools, blades, etc that where made because of SCAL users.

CraftEdge has provided scrappers/crafters the ability to design their own files to be cut. That was the reason for my purchasing the Expression and SCAL.  It appears to me that PC is upset that SCAL allows users the ability to purchase and create cut files that PC does not profit from. I find this insulting. All you can do with a Cricut cartridge is Manipulate, not Create. I love SCAL because it allows me to use my Cricut as a digital cutter for my creations and others that I purchase, instead of a glorified (and ridiculously expensive) die cutting machine.

I am angry that I have purchased the Expression, multiple mats, tons of blades, tools and cartridges from you.  SCAL did not stop me from purchasing PC products.  In fact it was the reason I use my Cricut almost daily for all my crafts.

By purchasing SCAL I was not trying to manipulate the system or get something for free.  I, along with all my fellow SCAL users, was trying to use my own creativity and expand the versatility of my $500 investment.  The most irritating thing is that YOU could have offered these services to your loyal customers.  The machine has more capability then you allow for with your cartridges and Design Studio.

You should have embraced SCAL! Instead you only lost the respect and loyalty of a large part of your market.  I, along with many others, will invest my money elsewhere."

I know that one email from me doesn't mean anything, but if you also love SCAL and are as irritated as me, please email them too.

On a happier note, I have a TON of new stuff to share on my blog.  I didn't mean to stay away for so long.  It has been a whirlwind month!  But I will be posting very soon!



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