Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Flowers

I have been super busy working on a party my mom and I are throwing for my brother and his wife.  They got married in California in December, and since our side of the family primarily resides in Ohio, we are giving them a party here in Ohio at the end of April to celebrate.  I have been working like a crazy person on the center pieces, invitations, random decorations, photo albums, etc etc etc.  Since this isn't going to be a "reception" (they had a real reception in California following the wedding) we are having a Spring themed party.  The decorations are Spring flowers and bright spring-y colors.  

We decided to make paper flowers using my digital cutter, so I purchased 27 flower svgs from SVGCuts.  Here is a close up of one of each flower I made.  I think they are beautiful!  

We need a TON of these flowers to be able to decorate all the tables at the party. So, I have enlisted the help of my father, who is very artistic, to help me assemble them all.  I am very lucky to have such a great helper! Thanks Dad! 

Each of the flowers has many parts, with some flowers having more than ten layers each!  Using an upside down mouse pad and stylus, we cupped each of the petals and center pieces.  We also inked the edges, painted and used colored pencils to get the desired effect.  

Here are some of the flowers we were able to make in a weekend.  
They take a long time, but they turned out fantastic and they were actually enjoyable to make.    

I will be posting more decorations and such for this party soon!  It is all consuming at the moment. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they get you in the mood for SPRING!  


Thienly Azim

OMGosh! I have never seen someone make this many flowers! It's beautiful!

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