Saturday, June 18, 2011

Candy and Cookie Tables

I wanted to share some photos today of the awesome goodies that were at the party.  We had both a cookie and candy table!  It doesn't get much better than that!  

The cookies were made by great family friends - a mother and daughter duo. They spent so much time making all of these amazing cookies, and each and every one was delicious!

And here is a platter of buttery heavenly goodness... quite possibly the best cookie ever made.  Ward couldn't even keep his hands out of them for the picture to be taken! 

It wouldn't be a party without a bunch of candy, right? My mom, her best friend Deb and I headed to the b.a Sweetie Candy Company, which is a huge candy warehouse in Cleveland.  They have any type of candy you can think of.  If you are looking for throw-back candy, that is the right place to find anything.  

For example, when I was there I had to buy a pack of candy cigarettes. 

 I haven't seen them in the stores since I was a kid, for obvious reasons!  I mean, really?  Candy cigarettes?! Who thought that one up?  Anyways!  I remember my friend Lesley and I pretending to be waitresses in my basement (rollerskating waitresses to be exact) and we had those candy cigarettes in our mouths!  We were so cool! :o)  But, they did not live up to my memory of them.  They taste like chalk!

Here are some photos of the candy table in all of its glory! 
Doesn't looking at it make you want something sweet in your mouth? 

 Cowtails, Rolos, chocolate covered pretzels, Tootsie Pops, Sixlets, Good & Plenty, red licorice twists (my favorite!), Starbursts, dark chocolate M&Ms, fruit slices, etc.  

My mom's completely incredible idea = use kids garden tools as candy scoops!  They were the perfect fit for our Spring/Flowery theme.  Way to go Mom!

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I think candy cigarettes taste like bliss.I would enjoy those in my stocking much more than "its a girl" mints. Hint* Hint*


Oh the look on your face when you ate one of those mints was priceless!


Whatt an awesome array of treats! You are right candy cigerettes do taste like chalk? And who thought up the candy wax bottles? What were they thinking? LOL

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